cum gets on floor

just what the hell are u doing in the shower Ringo Star wants to know.  U see they let him out of his cage and went directly to 9956 kempwood. That’s right.  Sharon the spider lady convinced me to let Ringo see gofer in the raw. That’s right.  Plus that baby oil on the pecker […]

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go bear at that place

Yea I dare peeps to go bear out there. I forgot that place is the blue lite cemetery,  Go on and try the dead folks cant see you. But when the sun starts going down leave in a hurry. Even getting near the path there is too many dark creepy things.  That’s what happen to […]

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why ?

This word press used to be good, who read stuff and where. now its pay for that.  They can sit on a geyser.  that’s right. it wont bite, just scald u do death. or go to Austin green belt and find a salamander that wants that’s right. getting weird now.  how about at TEXAS aggie […]

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Hey yo trees have red ants , stickers, thorns ,all kinds of germs, birds nest in them.  Fire wood is made from trees.  There are some trees that are 85 million years old in Ca. but Moon beam says look at the trees and go to jail.  Yes even build a 50 room house from […]

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Now wait a min. If u think I’m going to talk about topless clubs and love houses forget it.  May be may be not used to journey to such places.  No more, may be done fat and blank in the past.  No going to a pay to play when u get older is no good.  […]

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