fun things

Believe men go to your grave site and give u all the sweet cum u want.  But zombies say your dead.  How do u make a dead man cum ? Its easy sent the pig from yale pharm to lick a dick. No one is interested in perverted sex with her. The last time was […]

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that’s RIGHT ITS CLOSE quarters on those Russian subs.  the showers are great for bend over.  after so long a shipmates back end starts looking good.   just love to see a black koon in the shower.  They got big dongs.  o yes the nav.  some are homos and can stick it to u.


To that cemetery they went

What complaints just make up some gofer must not be playing pocket pool  or some thing.  Its nice to box a 10 foot jack rabbit some time.   Where is sleep in the box,  she needs to get here and deep look at my ding dong.  That’s right.   Theses other peeps they make blogs […]

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them mulas trying to bs again

Hello all u in a office or out galvating  you can drive up side down on Charles street.  drive with packestini licking your tool .  o your buddie buddie that tells gofer  yall like to do it in the road.  Gofer thinks that 2 sided life style is good for preverts, homocity,  skid row powwow, […]

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another log maker

O yes it was today I ate lots of finger chicken sticks with ice water.  Then later I really had to go but there was a problem of open the out house door.  Id crap in my pants right there.  So I hurry went to the woods  with Lysol sprayed the the ground and deposit […]

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